Why create anujs

Each country has its own specific national conditions, mainly because the Chinese network is too slow, and there are a lot of old computers in China. They are preloaded with window XP, and Internet Explorer can only upgrade to IE8. For reasons, we need a smaller, more compatible React. And before Facebook also plagued the issue of LICENSE, it was also the promotion of Chinese Internet companies to determine their own R&D framework and strive to get rid of dependence on foreign frameworks.

For our company, a travel company, online booking train tickets, air tickets, attractions tickets, providing tourism Raiders, there are a large number of IE users on the PC side.

With the rapid development of mobile phone users in China, we also use React to develop touch-end pages, which also require a more mini React.

Our company is working hard on React, trying to achieve a set of code that can run on iOS, Android, www pages, touch pages, WeChat applets, Huawei's light applications, and Xiaomi's fast applications.